Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Death in a puddle

These unfortunate fish died most likely in a puddle drying up.

Fish consist of Palaeoniscoid and Holostean types.

A deep bodied Cleitholepis was found at the bottom of the struggle, indicating it most likely succumbed first as the fusiforms tried to hang on for the next flood. Obviously it was all in vain. Largest fish is 9 inches long.

Trematosaur of Terror!

Currently being described, this front half of a possible Temnospondyl Trematosaur from the Mid Triassic of Sydney similar to Microposaurus casei from South Africa shows a rare lower jaw intact. Like many Labyrinthodonts they possessed internal tusks. This creature has tusks protruding the nostrils! The internal tusks are aprrox 3 inches long. Nothing would have escaped these jaws.

Nature at it's best.

Opalised Cretaceous Belemnite from Coober Pedy South Australia


This little guy at 90mm comes from the Mid Triassic of Sydney.


An elegant Bobasatranid fish from the upper Permian of southern Queensland.

XENACANTHUS. Isn't she Beautiful!

This near complete Mid Triassic Xenacanth from the Sydney Basin was found a number of years ago and preparations are being made to describe her and a number of her friends. An interesting note on Xenacanths from this locality, is the lack of spines preserved. Only one specimen I have found so far has revealed this spine that protrudes from the back of the head.